Sieve shakers & test sieves

Sieving remains an integral part of quality control testing bulk materials.  Constant particle size is important for ensuring a consistent product, whether that product is coffee, or cocoa, or cement.  Mesh sizes must therefore be completely consistent through the entire sieve, and the sieves themselves must resist deformation and corrosion. Consistency in sieving methods and length of time are important for reproducibility and reliability.  

The sieves and sieve shakers sold through Endecotts and Retsch are designed to be easy to handle and to minimize waste. Numerous sieving methods are available: from standard shaking, to air-jet methods, to sonic pulsing, which can separate particles as small as 5 μm.  Moreover, the sieves are all certified to international standards, so customers can be assured that their results will be precise.  Endecotts also carries a number of sample processing equipment to automate and facilitate analysis; making life easier for the people who do the work is one of the company’s trademarks.  

Endecotts, Retsch, & Verder

Endecotts was founded in 1936 in London, fabricating mesh filters, and later parts for the aerospace industry. In 2010, Endecotts was acquired by the Verder Scientific Group.  Together with Retsch, they form an integral part of the analytical solutions offered through Verder Scientific. As part of the modernisation process, Endecotts has expanded its line of offerings to include other analytical devices capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the modern laboratory, while continuing with its tradition of excellence when it comes to making sieves. 

Sieve shakers & test sieves

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