Peristaltic pumps

Verderflex peristaltic pumps are the ideal low life cycle cost solution for the transfer and dosing of viscous, abrasive, difficult to pump or high solids-content liquids such as slurry and sludge. Sizes range from smaller OEM pump modules, precision and industrial style peristaltic pumps, to the world’s largest hose pumps, used in the most demanding industrial applications. Such as biotechnology, food & drink production, water treatment, mineral processing & chemical manufacturing. 

Verderflex has been one of the leading manufactures of peristaltic hose and tube pumps. It has been over 20 years where Verderflex has set the standard for peristaltic hose and tube pumps around the world. Verder manufactures, develops ánd assembles all of the pumps in house. Therefor it is guarenteed to have the highest standard there is. 

Just like with all of our pumps, our customers purchase not only the best pump for their solution, but they also gain a pump expert partnership. 

Peristaltic pumps

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