Hygienic diaphragm pumps

Where delicate products are being handled, or hygienic standards like CIP or SIP need to be met, diaphragm pumps especially equipped for this purpose can be best used. Oil free air is used and therefor require no oil or grease lubrication, so the risk of product contamination by lubricants is avoided. 

For hygienic purposes, the right equipment is more a necessity then a choice. Verder always looks for the best solution with its customer. The choice of high standard hygienic equipment is extensive via Verder Liquids and it will allow the customer to choose the best product for his application.  

The Verderair diaphragm pump series offer a wide range of diaphragm pumps, varying from material (metallic, non-metallic, conductive) to execution principle (electric, pneumatic). Verderair has been a part of Verder Liquids for over 25 years, it also manufactures  the Verderair pumps in our plant in Poland. 

Hygienic diaphragm pumps

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