Hardness tester & microstructural analyzers

Metallographic analysis for quality control is an involved process.  Preparing samples properly is part of the challenge – multiple steps, from cutting to polishing, are required to produce a surface that can be analysed properly. Analysing that surface takes special equipment, a trained eye, and skills. The data obtained can provide valuable information about the state of heat treatment, welded seams, crystalline structure, and material quality. This information can, in turn, provide valuable information about the manufacturing process and/or causes of material failure.  

ATM manufactures information for metallographic analysis. ATM equipment is successfully used in areas like quality control, damage analysis, production control as well as research and development. Application specialists and engineers from the ATM R&D department work in close cooperation with customers to continuously optimize the products, resulting in a high degree of innovation with regular product updates and new models. Because manufacturing and R&D are both in-house, ATM is uniquely situated for customising  equipment for individual customers. This enables ATM to fulfil customers’ requirements to the highest degree possible. 

ATM & Verder Scientific 

ATM was founded in 1980, and over the years its operations have expanded from supplying metallography equipment, to the development and manufacture of its own range of machines. What has never changed is the dedication to quality, flexibility, and innovation.  In 2015, ATM became a member of the Verder Scientific Group, increasing its global presence, and continuing to supply comprehensive solutions and quality equipment to customers all over the world.  

Hardness tester & microstructural analyzers

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