Elemental analysers

Detecting and quantifying carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur in organic and inorganic substances can provide critical information about a material. In some applications, even a small deviation from the percentage of allowable trace elements can dramatically alter the properties of the material.  Elemental analysis therefore plays a critical role in  fields as diverse as aerospace to civic engineering to medicine, where the composition of a substance – coal, steel, cement – must be known with precision.

ELTRA has been one of the leading manufacturers of elemental analysers for over thirty years. These analysers are renowned for their  user-friendliness and precision in identifying and quantifying the presence of certain elements. Over the years, ELTRA has moved beyond combustion analysis for carbon and sulphur determination, developing commercially-viable methods for detecting and quantifying oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen as well as thermogravimetric analysis.  With the purchase of an ELTRA analyser, customers not only get a product, but a partner. ETLRA service technicians and application specialists are always on hand to provide support. ELTRA has provided tailor-made solutions to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.  

ELTRA & Verder Scientific

Customers have trusted ELTRA’s analyzers for their sensitivity and accuracy since the company was founded in 1981.  Since then, ELTRA has stood for innovation and expertise, and continues to pioneer new technologies to this day. After ELTRA became part of Verder Scientific in 2012, the company started to develop an entirely new range of products called ELEMENTRAC, which incorporates new technologies in elemental analysis.

Elemental analysers

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