Cutters & Polishers for Metallography

Metallographic analysis is a vital part of many quality-control measures.  The information obtained can lead to insights and data about the manufacturing process and how to improve it. But it may not always be practical to take a product or an entire unit for testing, especially if the product is large and the concern is about a single weld.  A representative, sharp-edged, scratch-free, level surface, which allows clear recognition of its structure, is required.  Therefore, cutting and polishing are two critical steps for metallography. 

ATM is a technology leader in the development and construction of machines of materialography.  The company provides a broad range of equipment for sample preparation and analysis, including cut-off machines, mounting presses, polishers and grinders, as well as complete laboratories and a full range of consumables.  Application specialists and engineers from the  ATM R&D department collaborate with customers to continuously optimize the products in its production line. These specialists are readily accessible to the customers to offer advice and assistance.  And thanks to its on-site warehouse, consumables and spare parts are easy to order, even for customized setups.  

ATM & Verder Scientific

ATM is the most recent addition to the Verder Scientific Group, but this has not changed its customer-centred approach to metallography, nor altered the drive to keep improving the equipment and enhance the user experience.  Despite becoming part of Verder Scientific in 2015 and having a global presence, ATM continues to listen to and meet individual customer needs. 

Cutters & Polishers for Metallography

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