Research on highest level of refractory materials

The French Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS) at the University of Limoges, studies the characterization of mechanical properties at high temperature ceramic materials.

SPCTS Limoges has bought an ATM “Brilliant 285” cutting machine from Verder with a wheel guard of 500 mm, with laser alignment aid. 

The research institute wants to cut different refractory materials such as silicon alumina and silica carbide with different hardness (such as the marble and granite), which resist at different temperature.  They study the microstructure and hardness on refractory materials.

The refractory are used predominantly in the steel industry but also in industries of non ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, cements, waste incineration and power generation. The refractory needs to work in a harsh environment: at high temperature, static and dynamic thermal gradients (cycling) and corrosive atmospheres. 


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