Great at getting things small – 100th anniversary of Retsch!

Retsch celebrate their 100th anniversary this year! In 1915 Friedrich Kurt Retsch founded a wholesale company for laboratory equipment in Düsseldorf. In 1923 he developed and patented a mortar grinder which became known worldwide as the “Retsch Mill” and replaced tiresome manual grinding with hand mortars. This innovation earned Retsch an excellent reputation in the international science and research community and in its latest version RM 200 still today is the mill of choice in modern laboratories.

The company was largely destroyed when Mr. Retsch died in 1946. But his family – with his son in law Dirk Sijsling as Managing Director- took on the challenge to rebuild the company very successfully so that by the end of the 1950s larger premises were required. These were found in Haan where the company moved in 1959. During the following years, Retsch extended their product line with sieve shakers, sample dividers and magnetic stirrers and intensified cooperation with universities and institutes to ensure the Retsch equipment was always up to the latest technological standards. In 1989 Retsch became part of the Verder group, which meant not only structural changes but also a cultural reorientation and a more open, dynamic working style. Under the guidance of André Verder and Frans Bakker Retsch successfully managed the transition from a family-run business to an international company with a steadily growing export rate. To further enhance Retsch’s product offering a new product line of optical particle analyzers was developed in 1998 and was established as a profit center called “Retsch Technology” under the direction of Dr. Jürgen Pankratz. Since the turn of the  millennium, Retsch has been growing steadily which is not only reflected in the sales figures but also in the number of employees. In 2012 Retsch, Retsch Technology and Verder Deutschland moved into a new building in Haan-Gruiten which – after various acquisitions – is again reaching the limits of its capacity. In this year Retsch celebrates its 100th anniversary as the world’s leading supplier of milling and sieving equipment. Still the cornerstone of the Verder Scientific Division, Retsch has every reason for an optimistic outlook to the next 100 years.

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