Water treatment is an essential to life and clean water is critical for all living creatures.  Removing impurities, pollutants, pathogens, and particulate matter from water is more than a matter of having clean water to drink and wash with. Industries which use water for cooling need to prevent scale formation inside their cooling tanks. Lack of water treatment can impact distant industries, such as fishing, manufacturing, and recreation/tourism as well. Effective water treatment is a combination of processes, including filtration and flotation, chlorination, and sludge thickening. Each stage puts different demands on the pumping system being used.

Verder pumps are designed for continuous action, reliability, and high throughput in all stages of water treatment. Experts are on hand to make sure customers get a quality product that can stand up to the conditions and demands that are placed on the system, while minimizing operating costs and downtime due to maintenance issues.  The result is a system that runs smoothly, at peak performance levels, for months or even years with minimum maintenance.  

Verder and value

Effective water treatment is a continuous flow operation, so pumps must run continuously with a good seal despite the presence of long fibers, abrasive solids, and corrosive chemicals. As a recognized specialist in water treatment industries, Verder’s pumps can handle almost anything that ends up in the water with a minimum of maintenance and fuss.  This means not only great value for the customer, but also long-lasting, long-term solutions.  


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