Recycling involves cutting, shredding, separating, and eventually, processing the recovered material in some way. Separating materials from each other is something that most people expect that consumers to do,  but when recycling complicated things such as cars, this is often impossible.  In this situation, and in cases where the material to be recycled is mixed, sink-or-swim tanks are used to separate materials with different specific gravities from one another, while magnets are further used to differentiate between different types of metals.  For the sink-or-swim tanks, a consistent and very specific flow rate of water must be maintained within the tank.  

Verder’s pumps have been successfully used in recycling plants to maintain a steady flow rate that is critical for separating plastics and different metals from each other.  Other applications for the pumps come from paper recycling, where the shearing forces from fast-flowing water are used to sufficiently shred old papers and fibers so that they are small enough to be repurposed. Each recycling application  has different pumping requirements, which is part of the reason why so many recycling plants choose to use Verder’s pumps: they know that what they have is optimal for their plant. 

Knowledge and expertise 

Verder’s wide array of pumps have numerous applications, but some pumps are better suited for some applications than others. Choosing between them can be a difficult and confusing task. Verder’s experts make sure that customers receive the equipment most optimal for their application, enhancing efficacy and value.  


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