Pharma & Cosmetics

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries both demand extremely hygienic conditions. Even the slightest contamination can render a batch of product unusable, or a study inconclusive. Adding to the challenge is that, for liquids, the nature of the substances can vary greatly, in terms of viscosity, sensitivity to shear forces, and abrasiveness. For solids, powders must be ground to a uniform size to ensure that they dissolve at a steady rate.  

Equipment from Verder can be found in surprising places in the pharmaceutical pipeline. Verder’s line of peristaltic pumps is ideal for hygienic applications, because the pump never comes into contact with the medium. This means that pumping new fluids in a hygienic manner can be achieved by simply using a new hose, which is far more cost-effective than taking everything apart, cleaning it, and then reassembling it.  But products from Retsch, such as sieves, grinders, and particle analysers, also find their place in quality control, providing data on powders and preparing biological materials for testing.  

Verder’s role

The high hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry are critical for guaranteeing a safe and efficacious product.  Verder holds its pumps and other equipment to equally high, if not higher, standards, while simultaneously providing solutions for the technical challenges of drug manufacturing and research.  Verder may not have a role in the actual discovery of new drugs, but the equipment can play a critical part in making those discoveries a reality for those whose lives depend on it. 

Pharma & Cosmetics

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