Manufacturing paper is a resource-intensive process, even if it is 100% recycled material.  Shredding wood, paper, and textiles to the right size, creating the pulp, and then pressing it into paper is a process that requires the right equipment, including pumps to move the slurry. It may surprise some people to find out that paper and wood pulp can be extremely abrasive to pumps, and the chemicals used in the bleaching process can be very corrosive as well. 

In order to maximize the use of the equipment and minimize the lifetime cycle cost, then, it is important to have the right equipment to begin with.  Verder’s range of air diaphragm pumps are solid machined double diaphragm pumps constructed of solid PE or PTFE, making them impervious to corrosion and highly resistant to wear. The diaphragms are easy and relatively inexpensive to replace when they wear out, extending the life of the pumps. In addition to the air diaphragm pumps, there are a number of centrifugal and screw displacement pumps that are non-metallic as well, designed to shear solids and handle viscous, lumpy suspensions.

Verder and value

The effectiveness of a manufacturing plant partially depends on the longevity of the equipment.  Lower lifetime cycle costs of the equipment translates into higher efficiency and greater productiveness and cost savings for the customer in the long run. Verder is more than just an equipment supplier; the experts working at Verder provide solutions that maximize value to the customer.  


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