The mining industry is one of the toughest industries – literally and commercially. The work involved in mining wears down even the toughest machines, while the slim profit margins and expensive installations make the machines costly to replace. In such an industry, having the right equipment can make the difference between a smooth-running operation and a muddy hole in the ground. 

Verder offers solutions for some of the more complicated parts of mining: pumps that are capable of moving thick, heavy slurries, and pump parts that are able of withstand the corrosive and toxic chemicals that must be used to purify or clean mining products. Peristaltic pumps are not only efficient, but because the hose is the only part in direct contact with the slurry, replacement is cheap and maintenance is nearly non-existent. When the mining product has been recovered, elemental analysis can be done to ensure that the purification process was sufficient.  If further processing is required, particle analysis is one way to make sure that the additional processing was sufficient.

Experts at hand

Verder has a long history of creating reliable products that are crafted with the needs of the industry in mind. The company understands the technical challenges of the mining industry, and can offer expert advice on how to optimize the operation, reducing costs and optimizing performance for the customers. Verder does not just sell equipment – it provides access to the knowledge required to completely transform a business.  


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