Laboratory and Universities

Laboratories have unique needs that are not often served by industry providers: because they are not involved in production, the scale at which they work is often much smaller.  Testing and experimentation may require that scientists be able to track what is happening to a sample, in real time.  The incorporation of new technology – tablets, smartphones – into laboratory processes and the digitalization of the lab almost requires that equipment interface with computers.

Serving unique needs is part of what makes Verder so special. Verder has an extensive catalogue of products, but if none of the products will do, customization and, for some equipment, building a bespoke setup, is possible.  Many of the companies under the Verder family conduct R&D and manufacturing in the same facility, which allows a closer degree of collaboration than would otherwise be possible.  Verder shares the same passion for innovation and has the expertise to provide the equipment to turn concepts into reality.

A passion for innovation

The face of the modern laboratory is changing.  The equipment is changing, and new machines are capable of doing more in a smaller space than ever before. But one thing that remains consistent is the curiosity and the drive to see what’s new, what’s next, and what’s possible.  Verder and its subsidiaries share the same passion for innovation and pushing limits, and the company takes great pride in making the new discoveries of tomorrow possible.  

Laboratory and Universities

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