Food & beverages

The food and beverage industries form some of the most challenging markets for Verder.  For food and beverage makers, producing quality food and drink requires machines that are 100% reliable. It also means having equipment that is safe. Microbes present an ever-looming threat to food and beverage manufacturers. The current consumer trends in food favouring fresh, easy-to-prepare foods, with little sugar, salt, and no preservatives, makes it more difficult than ever to keep microbes out of food.  

The directives from the European Hygienic Engineering Design Groups (EHEDG) are intended to prevent contamination. One of the major directives from EHEDG states that every part of the production line should be accessible for cleaning. The modular design of Packo’s centrifugal pumps allow for ready disassembly and reassembly, while their elector-polished stainless steel surface make it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the surface. But even the most hygienic plant must make quality food and drink, and other Verder subsidiaries make this possible: the gentle action of the peristaltic pumps (Verderflex) prevent shearing damage to sensitive liquids, while particle analysis through products made by Retsch help guarantee a consistent product. 

Above expectations

Verder and its subsidiaries have had a long history of providing solutions for the food and beverage industry.  Thanks to this experience, the company has acquired a unique understanding of the requirements in the industry, and has made a point of meeting or exceeding the requirements of the industry and the regulatory committees. Verder continues to find solutions with its wide range of products, and to improve the ways it has of doing things.  

Food & beverages

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