The energy sector has broadened dramatically over the past decade. With climate change becoming an inescapable reality, renewable energy sources – wind, solar, and to a lesser extent, hydroelectric and nuclear – are making a dent in the oil and gas industries.  However, oil and gas continue to supply the energy needs of an overwhelming majority of the world. But no matter where it comes from, harnessing energy to the power grid is a challenging task.

Verder provides solutions to overcome these challenges.  Pumps from Verder’s extensive catalogue can handle all kinds of fluids, from thick, gritty sludges to refined gasoline. Metallographic analysis plays a critical role in designing wind turbines that can withstand the stresses of the spinning turbine, as well as resist corrosion for those turbines destined for offshore wind farms. But perhaps the most changes will be seen in the development of solar cells, making them more efficient than ever.  Verder may not have the answers for developing clean energy technology, but it can help make them a reality. 

Innovation and the future

Innovation is the engine for Verder’s growth.  The company continually seeks out better ways of doing things, and this goes beyond finding new ways to make better products. Verder is committed to the strictest environmental and safety standards, and continuously evaluates its environmental impact in close collaboration with the national institutions of the country the facilities are based in.


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