Ceramic materials like cement, tiling, bricks, and glass, are everywhere in construction.  Making these requires an intimate knowledge of the chemistry and the role each component plays in the structure of the final product. The incorporation of metal ions and/or compounds into the mix can greatly affect the properties of the product. For this reason, the purity of each compound, and the composition of the mix as a whole, must be known to a high degree of accuracy.  For some applications,  a consistent particle size and shape is also important for making sure that everything melts at the appropriate rate, or is suspended in the correct manner.  

Verder's instruments find a place at almost every phase of the process of making ceramics for construction. Particle sizing and analysis is an important control for making the initial mix, while hardness testers and microscopes provide an important way to do quality control on the finished product. For products such as tile, a good furnace can provide significant savings to the customer through more efficient heating and/or having a larger capacity.  Regardless of the application, the reliability of Verder products translates into a reliable product for the customer.  


Innovation and embracing new technology is what drives Verder forward, but being there for the customer, and providing the attention and solutions that they need, is what keeps Verder at the top.  The products are not just equipment and machines – they are a promise, that the customer is getting the best.  


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