Innovations in the paint and plastic fields within the industry have improved lives in ways that were unimaginable only a half-century ago. The manufacture of paints and polymers requires very specific pump speeds to move the product along without creating too much pressure within the systems.  Pigments must be ground to a certain fineness to be incorporated properly into the paint or the polymer. In recent year, growing concern amongst consumers about phthalates leaching into the environment, and the pressure to make eco-friendly and non-toxic products, means that products need to be thoroughly evaluated for toxins before hitting the market.

The chemical industry is one where a small miscalculation can make the difference between a viable batch of product and something wholly unusable. Control, accuracy, and the ability to mix ingredients thoroughly and well, are critical for manufacturing products. Verder’s diaphragm and peristaltic pumps provide precise control over the flow rate of a substance. Optical analysis of particles in a colloidal suspension can provide critical data about the stability of the mixture and the properties of the plastic it makes.

Uncommon sense

Making excellent, reliable equipment is only part of the reason companies rely on Verder to supply them.  The industry experts at Verder know what the customer needs, enabling them to provide thorough, well-thought-out solutions to the most complex problems.  Customers can count on Verder to supply them with knowledge as well as equipment.  


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