Automotive & Aerospace

The automotive and aerospace industries are two dynamic industries where tomorrow is the reality. But behind the slick design concepts and increasingly powerful engines, one thing remains true: the metal used to create these machines must meet the most stringent requirements: strong, yet flexible in the right ways, able to withstand the harshest, most brutal conditions and environments. Control over processes such as annealing and the composition of the alloys is vital to these industries.

The equipment within Verders extensive catalogue have many applications within the automotive and aerospace industries, in both the manufacturing process and quality control. The ovens and furnaces made by Carbolite Gero are used to heat treat aerospace components, while the analytical equipment provided by  Eltra and Retsch ensure that the composition of the metal is what it should be. Verder supplies manufacturers with equipment that can be relied upon to help them produce quality goods and parts that meet the demands of the industry.

Helping customers be the best

Verder and its subsidiaries have a reputation for reliability, which allows the manufacturers using the products to turn out quality products. Verder is dedicated to finding solutions, and the staff take the time to get to know the customers and their needs.  The company works closely with academic researchers and industry specialists to find ways of applying the latest research and innovations to manufacturing and quality control processes.  Verder is a name that is trusted throughout the industry to provide quality services and solutions.  

Automotive & Aerospace

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