Pindustry is an independent investment company that builds strategic alliances between innovative industrial companies and Verder. This alliance provides the support that these innovative industrial companies need to realize their growth potential. Since 2014, Pindustry has invested heavily in different companies which are renowned for their innovative products, solutions, and also social outlooks. These companies are Aerox (odour reduction), Fullwood Packo (milking and cooling machines for the dairy market) and Resato (high pressure applications), whose innovative solutions could mean long-term changes for their respective industries. 

Short-term financial gain, while nice, is not what motivates Pindustry founders Andries Verder and Tjalko Reedijk. Instead, they seek to build better businesses by taking an active approach in the mentoring and management of the companies, providing valuable knowledge and, in some cases, even material support such as sharing office space and other non-core services. Unlike traditional private equity firms, all of the investments are privately held, which deepens their commitment to success in all respects.

Pindustry provides more than simply monetary support – it provides a partner. The companies that Pindustry invests in have access to the decades of management experience that Andries, Tjalko and the team have acquired through their years of growing Verder into the €300 million multinational it is today, as well as in-depth knowledge of industrial marketing and product development, and access to Verder's network of suppliers and distributors. The hands-on approach that Pindustry takes helps build the kinds of businesses that can transform industries all over the world.