The Verder company was founded in 1959, by Andre Verder, as a way to connect industrial buyers with reliable, trustworthy suppliers of the machinery and equipment that they needed. During the 1970s, the shifting geopolitical landscape enabled Verder to expand into markets outside the Netherlands, then into Eastern Europe, and eventually, into Asia, South Africa, and the United States.  Today, Verder and its subsidiaries have a footprint in over 100 countries the world over.  

The focus has always been on innovation and technology and providing solutions. When the company first started, Verder acted more as a middleman, selling products made by independent suppliers. It still does this to some extent, but over the years the number of products bearing the Verder name have grown. In addition to expanding its product line, Verder has also made acquisitions of companies such as Retsch and Carbolite Gero. Creating partnerships with producers and manufacturers gives Verder an additional boost in market penetration, and also fosters the kind of innovation that ensures that Verder will continue to grow.  

Today the Verder Group is fully owned and managed by the founding family, who continue to safeguard the values upon which it was founded: integrity, respect, with an emphasis on human rights, fairness, and environmental sustainability. The company continues with its tradition of technical excellence, finding innovative solutions to existing problems, and forging new paths and anticipating the problems of the future.