Code of Business Principle

The Verder Group is proud of its reputation for integrity and respect for business partners, customers, and employees alike. Verder recognizes that successful businesses are not just about short-term successes, but the result of long-term growth, and that the key to long-term growth is people.  Caring about the people who work for and with Verder and the environment is not a platitude – it is about realizing that the people are the ones that provide the value behind the company.

The Code of Conduct consists of seven points that encapsulate the essence of this respect:

1. We obey the law

2. We conduct our operation with honesty and integrity

3. We work together based on mutual trust and respect regardless of race, religion, sex or culture

4. We are committed to a safe and healthy working environment

5. We do not use, directly or knowingly indirectly , any forced, compulsory or child labor

6. We do not give or receive, directly or knowingly indirectly, bribes or other improper advantages for business or financial gain

7. We avoid activities with potential conflict of interest with our company's responsibilities

But the reality is that no code can create the kind of global-minded ethos without the right people: people who strive, above all, to do the right thing. The reputation that the Verder Group has for integrity and respect is the basis upon which its partnerships are built. And, as with everything that bears the Verder name, these partnerships are also made to last. 

In case that there is a need to report any irregularities in regards to our Code of Business Principle, please contact our CoBP officer: Mirjam Wolven.

Download our Code of Business Principles